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SPECIAL: My Social Marketing Nightmare

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We all know the potential power of social media marketing "if we get it right". However, keeping up the tempo across multiple platforms slowly turns from a pleasure into a nightmare.


Imagine a team of experts managing, posting and measuring results to improve positioning for you on all the major platforms. Imagine no more, the team is yours.



We recommend running a campaign for 3 months, we analyse the results and focus on your successes for the next period.



FREE with any Social Media Package
  • - Setup & branding on 6 platforms
  • - Professional email system setup
  • - Branded email template
  • - Subscription form to your mailer


Packages are limited

Because we focus on custom solutions and R value results we limit the number of clients per package. When clients move and open slots we make them available to you again

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Talking to Today's Youth via E-mail

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For Today's youth it is not about so much about the conversation as it is about their expectation to have fun and entertainment, get a good discount or perhaps winnable competition. Keep in mind that with the informal youth a company's formal face will not appeal, so instead of approaching them as a brand, rather approach them as a team or a person. 


Share Anecdotes or opinions. Include signatures and pictures - let them get to know you. Also, try to enhance the sense of community by relating marketing emails to events of the moments, and sharing the experiences with them. 


Most importantly bring the social element - facebook, twitter, instagram - into your approach. Include social sharing buttons in all your emails. 



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