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SPECIAL: My Social Marketing Nightmare

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We all know the potential power of social media marketing "if we get it right". However, keeping up the tempo across multiple platforms slowly turns from a pleasure into a nightmare.


Imagine a team of experts managing, posting and measuring results to improve positioning for you on all the major platforms. Imagine no more, the team is yours.



We recommend running a campaign for 3 months, we analyse the results and focus on your successes for the next period.



FREE with any Social Media Package
  • - Setup & branding on 6 platforms
  • - Professional email system setup
  • - Branded email template
  • - Subscription form to your mailer


Packages are limited

Because we focus on custom solutions and R value results we limit the number of clients per package. When clients move and open slots we make them available to you again

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- Daily Pack: Max 10 Left 3

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Demystifying the Inbox Featured

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Tried and tested over decades, email has remained not only reliable, but also a constant marketing channel. It remains one of the most affordable, effective and targeted promotional tools in the marketers arsenal. What other type of advertising communication tool allows you to call each customer by name and pull through relevant content based on their spending and searching habits. Everlytic believes that only email marketing gives you a true one-to-one relationship with your customers.

Following on from our initial research in 2012, Everlytic and Effective Measure again joined forces in 2015 to “Demystify the Inbox”.

This year we surveyed 5190 people, a fully representative sample of South Africa’s 27 million strong online population, to bring you insights into how local people behave in the inbox. The research not only looks at when, where and how people use email in South Africa, but also provides in-depth knowledge of the inbox as we discover more about the volume and mix of emails people receive every day and how they engage with commercial emails, newsletters and spam.


The results again uncovered interesting facts that are invaluable for anyone trying to engage an audience via email.










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