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SPECIAL: My Social Marketing Nightmare

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We all know the potential power of social media marketing "if we get it right". However, keeping up the tempo across multiple platforms slowly turns from a pleasure into a nightmare.


Imagine a team of experts managing, posting and measuring results to improve positioning for you on all the major platforms. Imagine no more, the team is yours.



We recommend running a campaign for 3 months, we analyse the results and focus on your successes for the next period.



FREE with any Social Media Package
  • - Setup & branding on 6 platforms
  • - Professional email system setup
  • - Branded email template
  • - Subscription form to your mailer


Packages are limited

Because we focus on custom solutions and R value results we limit the number of clients per package. When clients move and open slots we make them available to you again

Currently Open Slots

- Daily Pack: Max 10 Left 3

- Weekly Pack: Max 20 Left 18

- Monthly Pack: Max 100 Left 94


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Is your website mobile ready

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Try Responsive Layouts instead of static ones. 
There is nothing worse in the world than double scroll-bars. It’s as cognitively taxing as looking at a map through a keyhole. Some of these weird situations might be caused unintentionally due to static layouts when looking at UIs on smaller devices. One way around this problem, of course, is with responsive layouts that adjust automatically for various screen shapes and sizes.


Try Visual Clarity instead of ambiguity
"All meaning exists in the context of polarities" writes Dondis in A Primer of Visual Literacy. We come to understand darkness in the context of light, belonging in the context of isolation, order in the context of disorder, large in the context of small. Picking a stance within such polarities and expressing them clearly through visual language, helps people understand the intent. The biggest disruptor of meaning is ambiguity. When things are somewhat different, yet not really, it creates confusion as our minds try to make sense of the visual. This is why it's better to be purposeful about grouping things (or spacing them farther apart), using more diverse font sizes (or making them exactly the same), and using more diverse tones (or making them exactly the same). Trying to figure out if a visual style was by mistake or by design is stressful and taxing on the mind.


Try Enabling Corrections instead of rigidness
It’s inevitable that people, the interface, or your business will make mistakes. Allowing correction to happen in such situations will ease the pain of having to start all over again. Perhaps a user has logged in with his friend’s account (for better or for worse), and would like to re-authenticate. Perhaps the user changes his mind about not wishing to order 8, but 7 oranges instead? Perhaps the user’s shipping address has changed last month and a change is needed. The UI should allow users to make such subtle corrections - it’s only natural.


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