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SPECIAL: My Social Marketing Nightmare

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We all know the potential power of social media marketing "if we get it right". However, keeping up the tempo across multiple platforms slowly turns from a pleasure into a nightmare.


Imagine a team of experts managing, posting and measuring results to improve positioning for you on all the major platforms. Imagine no more, the team is yours.



We recommend running a campaign for 3 months, we analyse the results and focus on your successes for the next period.



FREE with any Social Media Package
  • - Setup & branding on 6 platforms
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Packages are limited

Because we focus on custom solutions and R value results we limit the number of clients per package. When clients move and open slots we make them available to you again

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Try reaffirming freedom of choice when marketing Featured

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People may be persuaded to act more often when their choice or free will is explicitly reaffirmed. There have been some studies done on the "But You Are Free" technique with cases where the effect to act sometimes even doubled. The idea is to call out an action or decision, followed by a simple statement suggesting that "it's your choice", or "you are free to refuse", etc. The persuasive power of this technique seemed the strongest when the request was made face-to-face and/or the request to act and reaffirmation were closer together.


Try thanking instead of simply confirming completion. 

Thanking people can make you, your business, product or UI feel more human as it shows you're appreciative and you care. Thanking of course happens during some sort of task completion and is bigger than just plain feedback. More so, making your UI thankful can be used as a way to induce further dialogue or action. So naturally, thank you screens are a perfect spot to suggest the next optional action for the customer or user to take. Thanks for reading this paragraph. :)


Try Useful Calculations instead of asking to do math
A user interface can do mathematical calculations, large or small, for users and thus remove unnecessary friction. As one example, let's say that some application shows used up credits out of an available pool. It might be more meaningful to calculate for users how many remaining days that actually is before their application stops functioning. Or yet an even simpler and more popular example when we try to understand how recent or old multiple rows of data really are. In this case a relative time stamp of "3 min ago" has more meaning and requires less effort to comprehend than say an absolute one of "4:37pm, Sept 2". Take out the pain of having to do the math.


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